How Do Porta Potties Work
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How Do Porta Potties Work

If you are searching for “how do porta potties work“, this article will cover porta potty builds, chemicals, maintenance, disposal and more!

Porta Potty Construction

The build and construction of a porta potty is very simple. Generally, a plastic shell is enclosed around the porta potty for privacy. The shells are made to last transport and inclement weather conditions. A large basin sits beneath the porta potty seat. The basin is responsible for holding waste. Basins will be attached and locked in place, but should be removed regularly for emptying and other maintenance purposes.

Chemicals Used For Porta Potties

Here is a quick list of the common chemicals used inside a porta potty:

  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Blue Dye
  • Surfactants
  • Biocides and Enzymes

The blue dye is mixed into the toilet’s water to help hide the appearance of waste. The color blue is used because it has been proven to turn green after dealing with a lot of waste. This color change is a clear indication that the dye is no longer effective and needs to be replaced. Fragrances are important, whether it is a restroom trailer or a single porta potty. These are used to mask any sort of foul smell emitting from the area. Cherry is one of the most common scents used for porta potties.

Surfactants help the fragrances dissolve in the water. This will help the scent spread throughout the entire unit. Biocides and enzymes are used to speed up the decomposition of organic matter, which makes disposal much easier in the future.

How Does A Porta Potty Work?

Before you use your chemical porta potty, you will need to fill the waste compartment with the right chemicals and the fresh water tank with water. If you have the battery operated version, ensure that your batteries are good, and it may be best to keep spare batteries.

Ensure that only toilet paper and human waste are used in the chemical toilet. Feminine hygiene products, handy wipes, and trash should be disposed of separately because they will clog up the unit.

Using a chemical toilet, is similar to using a regular toilet.

How Porta Potties Work

How Is A Porta Potty Maintained?

Maintaining a porta potty usually relates to making sure the basin is emptied, when necessary. Emptying out the basin will depend on a variety of factors, such as regularity in which the porta potty is used, basin size and types of chemicals used.

Professionals can be called to empty the porta potty if you do not wish to tackle this task yourself. Once emptied, the chemical mixture will be replenished. Waste will then be taken to a sewage dump where it will be disposed of legally and properly.

How To Dispose Of Porta Potty Waste

Many portable chemical toilers are easy to clean. Just disconnect the waste tank, and clean it out. Some will have pourable spouts and others use a removable top but this will vary between models.

When you are reading the instruction manual, be sure to find the air valve button. This is a key to emptying the waste. Not releasing the trapped air could cause nasty water to splash on you.

Whenever you are disposing of waste will be one of the most important things that you need to consider. Because you are dealing with chemicals and human waste, you won’t be able to dump it where you want. You may contaminate local water sources which could cause you to get a fine.

Chemical porta potties shouldn’t ever be poured straight into the sewage system because of the chemicals. The best place to dispose of it is at a dump station. You will find these at RV parks and campgrounds. Otherwise, you will need to dump it down a working toilet so that everything can be cleaned at a waste treatment plant.

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