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Where to Dump Portable Toilet Waste

Are you searching for “Where to Dump Portable Toilet Waste“? If so you have probably planning or have been out for a weekend of recreation and want to know how to properly dispose of waste. Protecting the environment, keeping recreational  areas clean, and being a responsible citizen are all high priorities. This article details the types of portable toilets and how the waste from them needs to be disposed of. A lot of popular destinations that are outdoors will attract a lot of visitors, and most of the impact of the surrounding natural resources. This can often times leave to a lot of human waste and other type of waste, which can pollute the environment and it may present a lot of health hazards. If left unchecked, these types of conditions could force land managers to begin to restrict access or to begin using regulations designed to protect the natural resources and even enhance public safety and health.

A public restroom isn’t always available, especially in remote areas. Visitors to some of the public lands could be required by law to have a portable toilet system for removing human waste. Portable toilets are familiar to many people such as backpackers, sea kayakers, river rafters, rock climbers, and others. Any person who visits public lands could help to improve their destinations by carrying and using a portable toilet system as part of a routine as part of an outdoor activities.

Portable toilets now in various designs which will work with various activities. With a little preparation and research, you can pick a toilet system that will work for your group size and activity.

Portable toilet types

A portable toilet system is normally considered on that is containerized and portable. Normally, it is best if it can be washed and reused. Additionally, most commercial products such as effective toilets can be improvised by using inexpensive materials that you can find at many sporting good or hardware stores.

These systems do consist of a sturdy, leak proof type of container with either a dry or liquid base material. The containers job is to enclose and then transport the waste until it can be disposed. Containers may be purchased either commercially or it can be improvised, and are normally made of plastic or metal. 5-gallon buckets that have gasket lids are a fairly common example. For more comfort, the containers need to be fitted with a specialized toilet seat for use, and a leak proof, sealing lid for transport.

The job of the base ingredient is to make waste disposal easier and reduce odor. A liquid based toilet will normally use a chemical treatment and water, and are compatible with an RV dump station for easy disposal and cleaning. Dry bases can use cat litter, potting soil, and other types of dry ingredients instead of a liquid and are often lighter and less likely to leak.

Whenever you begin to reduce bulk and weight is a priority, a single use bag isavailable that is a heavy duty ziplock bag that has a special powder inside. The powder turns into a gel on contact, helps to break down the waste and neutralizes odors. Most of these bags are approved for landfill disposal. Care will need to be taken with a bag system in order to prevent any small animals from ripping a hole in the bag, so having a good sturdy transport container is best. The light weight and small size of these bag systems which make them work for bicyclists, ATV riders, kayakers, Hikers, and others who need a small portable solution.

Waste disposal and toilet tips

It is important to remember that a toilet system will only be effective when used. Additionally, many will want to use it if it comfortable, and kept in a sanitary, clean condition. Toilet components need to be accessible and need to be placed in an area that gives privacy, at least 100 feet from any water. Keep toiletries such as toilet paper, baby wipes, disinfectant, sanitizer gel, and plastic bags in a waterproof bag or box. Only toilet paper and waste need to go in the toilet container. Feminine hygiene products and trash need to go in a different bag.

The improper disposal of toilet items can just make the problem worse. A portable toilet system needs to be disposed of in a proper manner, at a designated locations or areas made for that purpose like a dump station or a vault toilet. For any cleaning or waste disposal, consider having a box of supplies that you want on hand like bleach, bags, brushes, gloves, disinfectant, etc. Being able to plan ahead can make the job easier.

Portable toilet use has greatly reduced the impact to natural resources and campsites. Before you leave, see that you have done all that you can to minimize the traces of yourself during your visit and leave a clean slate for the next visitors.

Since the laws vary, be sure to check with your local agencies to find out what requirements there are for the area that you will be visiting. With a little bit of planning, and preparation, you can do your part in helping to keep your favorite spots clean and healthy, and ready for everyone else and for when you will want to return.

Order Portable Toilets in Arizona

If you have an event like a wedding, festival, or other large gathering in Arizona and want the toilet details and waste handled for you, Royal Restrooms is at your disposal. We deliver portable toilets to the area of your event which can include restrooms that are ADA compliant, have showers, and hand washing stations.  Every gathering of people includes the reality of having to consider the inevitable and natural visits to the restroom, plan ahead and consider the comfort of your visitors.  Call Royal Restrooms to talk about your event, how many people will be attending and find out what we can do for you. For quick connection please call 480-364-3898.



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Types of Porta Potties & Optional Amenities Phoenix AZ

There is a wide range of types of porta potty styles & amenities you can choose from. Depending on the size of the event adding amenities can help cut down on wait times. Having portable hand washing stations along with baby diaper changing surfaces gives your patrons a better experience. Read through your options to get a better idea of what you can offer people attending your events.


Many are often placed in clusters for short term construction or outdoor events and will be a stand-alone model that has reinforced walls, toilet paper, sink, ventilation, and mirror. The standard porta potties may come with a 60 gallon holding tank capacity.

Standard Handicap Accessible

The standard handicap accessible porta potty will provide additional handrails and room for those with special needs and wheelchairs. The handrails may be found on 3 of the 4 walls and the handicap accessible units are required to meet ADA regulations at large events.

Standard with the Sink

This is similar to the standard unit, but it comes with a hand washing sink, paper towels, soap dispensers and are best at construction sites and large events.

Standard with baby changing station

The standard porta potty has extra room and comes with a baby changing station is certainly a must for any family friendly events. It provides up to 1.5 times more space than a standard unit.

Solar Porta Potty

This unit is available in some states such as California. Solar restrooms will provide solar lighting without needing electricity and are very popular at weddings, on set for movies and tv shows, and for parties.

Portable restroom trailer

This unit is a step up from the standard porta potties. A restroom trailer will provide clean, luxurious, and spacious restroom option for VIP evens and special occasions. Restroom trailers may come as trailers that are 24 foot by 8.5 foot that includes separate men and women restrooms. They often contain up to 4 stalls and 2 sinks with radio, water hookup, air conditioning, and lighting. Restroom trailers also may have a 900 gallon holding tank. These will sometimes come with solar powered lighting.

VIP restroom trailer

These are luxury restroom trailers that are available and may vary by the supplier. These are upgraded restroom trailers that feature upgraded features for presidential use and black tie events and may include granite counter-tops, skylights, cherry wood paneling, oversized mirrors, heating and air conditioning, hands free soap and paper towel dispensers, hands free flushing and faucets and often has a 1600 flush capacity.

Optional porta potty amenities

Adding optional amenities to your portable restrooms at your events makes guests feel more comfortable. They will love having places to wash their hands, mist, heaters for winter, and all of the other amenities that are available. Restrooms might be a detail for your event, but the details are what counts.

Portable hand-washing station

The standard porta potties that do not have sinks will need to have handwashing stations. Handwashing stations will come with a fresh water source, soap dispenser, and paper towels. A 2 sink unit can provide up to 600 washes.

Portable hot water sink

Hot water sinks are different from handwashing stations because they will be used for portable drinking water and handwashing which is best for relief sites, construction sites as well as military purposes.

Hand sanitizer stations

This basic 4-unit hand sanitizer station may be used instead of a handwashing station at large events. It is recommended for construction sites, fairs, concerts and festivals.

Portable mist fan

An outdoor electric fan will be set up near portable restrooms to dispense fresh water as a light mist in order to cool guests that are waiting for the restroom and the individual mist fans may give up to 10 hours of use.

Portable electric heater

Portable electric heaters may be set up in front of the porta potty for comfortable use in cold weather and it is recommended to meet state requirements on construction sites.

Porta potty elevator unit

These were made for high rise construction. The porta potty may be lifted by elevator or crane and will provide a 38-gallon tank.

Shower trailer

These convenient portable trailers come with 2 shower stalls, toilet and sink and are often used for disaster relief, home renovation, construction and VIP events.

Female friendly porta potties

These units are for women only and may be available from suppliers. They feature clean and spacious designs, pink décor, solar power, odor free sanitation and seat pads.

Eco-friendly porta potties

Green porta potties are become really popular for green weddings as well as LEED construction areas. They feature non-toxic and biodegradable disinfectant liquid, recycled gray water collected from sinks, and chlorine free paper products made from recycled materials.

Porta potty valet

The super luxurious VIP events may actually benefit from having a uniformed valet assigned to each restroom trailer. The attendants will stock and clean the restroom while monitoring the flow of guests.

Winter Festival Portable Restroom Rental Tips

The holidays are upon us and the events and festivals go strong throughout the rest of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are full of all sorts of large gatherings for celebration. These outdoor holiday events attract large groups of people. Most outdoor locations either don’t have restrooms or they do not have enough to support larger gatherings.

One part of winter festival planning is thinking of the portable restrooms you will need to help meet the demand. The sanitation needs of large gatherings can be easily overlooked, but it can mean a less successful event. If people need to wait too long or leave to use the facilities it reduces participation. Having enough portable restrooms at your events means cleaner, safer, and more successful winter events.

There are loads of holiday festivals in Arizona that need to include portable restrooms in their event planning. From the different festival of lights, to ice skating, and all of the other great holiday activities basic sanitation is a key to having the best events and growing events year after year.

Portable Restroom Tips

The first step in planning is thinking about the type of event you are planning, what the expected turn out will be, and other basic demographic type information. Here is a list of considerations to help you ge the right type, and amount of portable restrooms.

What is the expected turnout?

Clearly how many people attend will dictate how much sanitation you will need. Base your estimates off of previous years or buffer your estimates if you are establishing new events.

How many days and hours per day will the event go for?

If the event is going to go for a longer period of time there is a chance that you will need to consider having the portable restrooms switched out so they can be emptied, cleaned, and prepped for another day.

Does the event appeal to more women than men?

Women’s hygiene can sometimes take a little more time and require the addition of waste baskets for feminine products. Compensating for events that appeal primarily to women will help keep up with the demand.

Will alcohol be served at the event?

It’s a well known fact that events that include alcohol have a greater demand for available restrooms. Make sure that your festivities stay clean, safe, and have enough restrooms for the party.

Should I have sinks or hand sanitizers?

Depending on the type of area you have sinks are usually a great way to offer your guests a place to sanitize their hands and fight germs. If you are going to have an event where freezing is a potential hand sanitizers are a good alternative.

Will my guests expect luxury portable restrooms?

Some events attract a demographic of our population that know and expect the finer things. These guests are well aware that there are luxury portable restroom trailers that have all the comfort and amenities of home. Be aware of your guests and offer them the comfort they will expect.

Putting Information To Work

Once you have answers to all of the questions above you will have the information you need to contact a portable restroom booking specialist. They will discuss the size of the event, the days and hours, and exactly what type and how many of portable restrooms you will need. They will also help you make sure you have enough ADA handicap accessible portable restrooms. This makes sure that everyone is welcome.


Choosing a Portable Restroom


There are an estimated 3 million portable restrooms being used worldwide, and they are serviced using a fleet of more than 10,000 trucks. The main advantage of a portable restroom is just that, the portability. A pickup truck is able to haul a single portable restroom. Additionally, they can be rented from a sanitation supply company that also provides services like cleaning, draining, deodorizing and disinfecting. Portable restrooms are also inexpensive and helps to increase safety and productivity because personnel will not need to leave their work areas in order to use public facilities.

The portable restroom provides convenience for jobsites located outdoors, like:

  • Civil construction
  • Road construction
  • High rise construction
  • Heavy construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Farms
  • Shipyards
  • Ranches
  • Residential construction


Other than just occupational functionality, the portable restroom is able to accommodate other recreational activities as well. Portable restrooms are often used for music festivals, weddings, outdoor sporting events, campsites, parades and more. The government also uses them during training exercises for the military, and with disaster relief processes

Portable Restroom Types

As previously mentioned, various portable restrooms types are available for a range of requirements The portable sanitation industry has grown, and brings in $4 billion a year. Based around your needs, there are trends within the industry which could affect your choice. The initial factor being the question: What is the purpose you need it for? The second: Where will you use it? Industrial usage can vary from recreational use or even purposes, as recreational also has the presentation factor to consider. When on a jobsite, you’re going to need functionality rather than appearances.


Various types of portable restrooms are available for construction. Usually, rental prices include cleaning, transporting, and disposal services. Meanwhile, the price of purchasing it only covers the unit, the disposal and cleaning services are up to you and the company.

Standard: The size of a standard portable restroom is 88”x44”x48”, which is big enough for a single person. These restrooms are fully enclosed, with doors that lock, ventilationand non-slip floors. A new standard unit can be bought starting around $700, and used units start around $300 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $60 to $100, or monthly for $150 to $300.

Deluxe: These models come a little wider than a standard model, being 62” rather than 44”, this provides the occupant with additional room inside the unit and allows for extra features. There are additional amenities in the deluxe model, such as sinks, hand sanitizer dispensers, shelving, or urinals. A new deluxe unit can be bought starting around $1200, and used units start around $700 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $100 to $150, or monthly for $300 to $500.

High Rise: These models are a bit smaller standard portable restroom that comes equipped with lifting points that allow it to be hoisted by cranes. This gives the added benefit of being placed at elevated levels of a structure or jobsite. They are built to be more sturdy in order to handle more rugged conditions and usage. They can be fully enclosed, but not always because offering just enough sufficient privacy helps them be ore transportable. A new high rise unit can be bought starting around $850, and used units start around $500 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $100, or monthly for $200.

Rolling High Rise: These models vary from the high rise models as they are even smaller, but provide the ability to roll onto heavy duty, lockable casters. The size reduction allows for an open top and partial doors which provide units the ability to be placed in tight spots. A new standard unit can be bought starting around $750, and used units start around $400 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $100, or monthly for $200.

Large Trailer:These models provide multiple sinks and stalls for jobsite locations that need larger facilities with comforts. Usually, they provide hand sanitizer, paper towels, pump activated sinks, and could feature flushable toilets in certain models. Fully assembled large trailer models start around $2,500, and used units start around $1,500. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $500, or monthly for $1,000.

Waste Tank Expansion: By expanding the size of the waste tank, the duration between cleaning and emptying services is increased. A new waste tank expansion unitcan be bought starting around $150, and used units start around $50 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $25, or monthly for $100.


In the case of temporary agriculture jobs, like a fall harvest, companies often opt for the same portable restroom types as construction jobs. Although, for longer-term jobs which require working in remote areas, it is often preferred to use commercial grade, large trailer models that have climate control features, as well as hot water, and china toilets.

Some of these cases include:

  • Ranching
  • Farming
  • Plantations
  • Vineyards
  • Livestock and dairy
  • Orchards


These type of units are bigger, with the ability to service up to 125 people. They’re pulled with trucks, similar to a camper or horse trailer and come with handrails and steps or easy access, waste disposal and water tank features. They are able to be emptied like a camper at a dump station too.

To purchase a new trailer, it starts around $12,000, while the mid-range types come with used trailers available starting around $7,000 in good condition. Otherwise, you can rent them daily for $500 to $700, or monthly for $2,000 to $2,500.

Take note: When buying new units that are mainly used in agriculture and construction, the disposal and cleaning services are not included in the price. The cost of these services are going to depend on the distance between the job site and the dealer or vendor, as well as how often the service will be required to maintain sanitary standards and regulation compliance. Because the price focuses so much on certain situations, you should speak with your local dealer to get an accurate price and find any discounts or deals.

Luxury Requirements

Luxury model portable restrooms do not always have larger dimensions than previously mentioned models. Rather, they stand out due to features and amenities which increase the similarity to a modern bathroom, such as having fashionable construction, colors, shapes and improved presentation.

A luxury model portable restroom may come with these amenities to appear more like an actual restroom:

  • Paper towels
  • Mirrors
  • Soap dispenser
  • Fresh water flushing
  • Shelving
  • Coat hook
  • Toilet seat sanitizer


Luxury model portable restrooms come in both single and large trailer units. They can also come with wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance. A new single unit can be bought starting around $2,000, while used starts at $1,200 in good condition. The larger trailer units start around $15,000 new, with used starting around $8,000 in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rented daily for $600 to $800, or monthly for $3,000 to $3,500, but usually rentals are used for short events that last less than a week or just a day.

Outdoor events

The models of portable restrooms used with outdoor events covers all of the previously discussed models. The type and size for the event is going to depend on the amount of people attending, the duration, and your budget. A one-day family event might not need a large luxury trailer, but a large wedding may. Meanwhile, a music event lasing several days could need dozens or hundreds of units depending on the amount of people at the event.

Plumbing options

It doesn’t matter what model you go with, standard up to luxury trailers will all need disposal. However, there are various plumbing and flushing options for transferring the waste to a holding tank.

Waste tank: This is the most common way. The waste tank sits under the toilet.

Fresh water flushing: A holding tank sends water by use of a pump or handle.

Recirculating: This uses a method of recycling the dirty water, known as grey water from the sink for use in flushing waste to a holding tank.

Combo flush:This method mixes both grey water and fresh water to complete a flush.

Hand or foot operated: A hand pump or foot pedal is used for pulling water from a holding tank.

Electric powered: This option is commonly used in large trailers, and it needs access to a generator or electrical outlet.


Emergency Restrooms

Emergency Restrooms

Emergency Restrooms

None of us want to think about or imagine the worst happening in our communities. But nature’s harsher elements do rear their ugly head now and again. Coupled with wildfires and other disasters, having a solid plan in place at the federal, state, county, and community level means the difference between order and potential chaos.

Why Are Portable Restrooms Important In Disasters?

Planning for the lavatory needs might seem like an unnecessary detail, but given the conditions during disasters it is an integral part of planning. Large concentrations of people flock to higher ground, or disaster shelters. Depending the type of disaster and the severity people that are displaced might have to stay for hours, days, or even weeks. Having enough facilities for the crowd to relieve themselves is a big part of keeping everyone healthy. Portable restrooms are a big part of providing enough restroom facilities for large groups of people, at the drop of a hat.  Most reputable portable restroom suppliers also have shower trailers that can be supplied to disaster shelter sites.

Not only the people directly affected by the disaster benefit from the portable restrooms and better organization. The people in emergency services and volunteers will be better able to do their jobs if they have proper facilities. This includes shower facilities. Many times emergency workers come from distances that are impractical to commute from. Many don’t feel comfortable leaving until everyone is helped and end up sleeping on site as well. Having a portable shower trailer is a great way to keep your emergency staff clean, healthy, and ready for all of the challenges that might face them.

Handicap And Injured Considerations

Unfortunately there is bound to be some injuries in disasters and including portable restrooms that are ADA compliant will help you accommodate not only the handicapped, but people with injuries. These portable restrooms include more than a ramp and turning radius inside. They also feature bars to help maneuver. ADA approved portable restrooms also feature non-slip surfaces, easy flush features, paper towel dispensers that are the correct height, ADA compliant porcelain sinks, and 36” entry doors. All of these features ensure that the needs of everyone are addressed.

Disaster Preparation and Immediate Response

Portable restroom suppliers offer emergency response services. This way they can always be ready when the worst ends up happening. Some portable restroom companies can even be placed on a retainer. This not only reduces cost but means that emergency service is immediate. Many times the portable restrooms can be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Setting Up Emergency Portable Restroom Services

Arizona is no different when it comes to disaster preparedness than anywhere else in the world. Having a plan in place that just happens if a disaster happens is the key to disaster preparedness. Having an arrangement already in place with a local portable restroom company can ease the stress of dealing with disasters. Royal Restrooms of Arizona offers emergency restroom disaster response. To get more details and set up the plan for your emergency response group please give us a call today!

Royal Restrooms Of Arizona480-364-3898

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Portable Restroom for Events

Restrooms for Events

Portable restrooms for events:

Special Events in life call for gathering together our families, friends, business associates, or people who have similar interests. Just about any planning of these gatherings should consider necessity of portable restrooms. Portable restroom event planning is something that puts your guests at ease. There’s nothing that will clear out an event faster than people having to leave the premises just to use the restroom.

Factors To Remember When Renting Portable Restrooms

It’s not just having the restrooms at your site either, it is about how many you have verses your expected turn out, having them in the right spot, and accessible is critical. The following list goes into greater depth over each aspect to successful event planning when it comes to portable restrooms.

Having Enough Portable Restrooms

There is the temptation for event planners and organizers to want to cut a few dollars out of the budget when it comes to the portable restrooms. If you want to have a great event that builds its turn out every year your guests comfort is paramount. The general rule when looking to get portable restrooms for special events is 1 portable restroom per 100 guests. Its easy math, 500 guests means 5 portable restrooms. Don’t let the event’s success hinge on something as simple as the portable restrooms. This keeps the lines shorter and guests happier. When serving alcohol at your event you might want to adjust this number up because we all know that alcohol means more trips to the restroom. All day events also mean more people will end up needing a restroom during their visit. If it’s going to be an all day affair you should plan to order additional portable restrooms.

Last Minute Portable Restroom Ordering

There are a million things to consider with special event planning. Don’t let the order for your portable restrooms wait till the last minute. Having ample time will help your provider ensure that the equipment is ready on the day you need it. It will also allow you and your portable restroom company time to plan how many units, where they will go, and when they will be delivered.

Trying To Save A Buck With Multiple Providers

There’s a saying about too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Each portable restroom company is responsible for the contracted amount of units, their delivery, and their positioning. Having more than one provider for large events might seem like a good way to save a few dollars, but it can cause headaches. When you have one large portable restroom contractor you will have a coordinated, cohesive approach where everyone knows the plan and follows it through.

Provide Sanitary Entertainment Opportunities

If your event plans include food vendors you will want to consider how people will feel about using a restroom and then having a place to wash their hands. Having some hand washing stations will keep your guests healthier, and make them feel like they can order up some food and eat with clean hands. Not considering this might leave your guests feeling like they don’t want to order any food, which means less revenue. In fact this can also lead to hungry guests having to leave to find a place to wash their hands and eat elsewhere.

Spread Your Portable Restrooms Out

With people driving great distances to your event you don’t want them getting there and having to work hard to find a place to use a restroom.  Consider the flow of your traffic through the event. Where is the parking lot? Where are the hot spots for the event, near a stage? Make sure that your order of portable restrooms have an even number near the food service areas, entrances, and near any of the hot spots of your event. Restrooms for events can make or break the event.

Think About Parents And Children

If you’ve had kids you’ll know that not being able to find a place to change a baby’s diaper can be annoying. Having a changing table where you can set the child safely and privately makes all of us feel more comfortable. In addition having a place where women can privately breast feed their children avoids potentially uncomfortable publish exchanges. Some premier events even book luxury restroom trailers for a VIP area that’s dedicated for these purposes.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms

As an event planner you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels welcomed at your events. A consideration you will never want to forget is having portable restrooms that are wheelchair accessible. It isn’t just about the type of portable restroom you order, but putting them in a place that is easy for wheelchairs to get to. You’ll want to have them placed away from the areas that will be dense with crowds or are just plain hard to get to or maneuver in. The ratio most event planners use when considering wheelchair accessibility is about 10% of your portable restrooms should be wheelchair accessible.

Choose Excellent Service Over Cheaper Prices

When you start your search for a portable restroom provider you will probably find that some bidders come in a lot cheaper than others. Many times when something sounds too good to be true, it is. It can be a sign that they are using old, unkempt equipment. It can also mean they are not paying their employees right, which means that the crew caring for the units and delivering them, might be apathetic about their jobs, and your event.