Luxury Porta Potty Rental Cost

Luxury Porta Potty Rental Cost

On average the rental cost for a luxury porta potty is $300 per weekend, with prices ranging from $175-$450, according to VIP Restrooms. As expected, luxury rentals cost a lot more than a standard porta potty (typically $78 per weekend), but there are many reasons why choosing this style is worthwhile for your upcoming event.

What Is A Luxury Porta Potty?

The first question one might have is why investing in a luxury bathroom makes sense over choosing a cheaper alternative? Well, a luxury restroom simply creates an atmosphere that cannot be matched by any other rental offerings. This restroom will give your event style and comfort that you and your guests crave. A luxury restroom is truly a luxurious option. These models include toilets that will flush, vanity mirrors, sinks for hand washing and even elegant lighting. Within these trailers patrons will find insulated walls, with A/C and heat controls available. You can choose which type of flooring you’d like, as well. Whether it is high-end hardwood or tile flooring, these luxury restrooms certainly offer versatility.

So what kinds of events could a luxury restroom be used for? This is a great question, and one that has a few answers. The most popular event that these restrooms are requested for is a wedding. Especially now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more weddings will be done outdoors. We know you want to have as many family and friends to share your big day, and that’s why having the wedding outdoors is your best option for now. But, where will all the attendees go to the bathroom? Instead of having them go inside or even using a standard porta potty rental, let your restroom match the rest of the event. Keep it classy, clean and comfortable by investing in a luxury restroom trailer.

There are several other events where luxury restrooms are appropriate, if not necessary. Private parties, corporate functions and fundraisers will certainly call for a nicer restroom experience. Businesses that have just opened the doors often opt for luxury porta potties, as well. Take note of the type of restroom trailers you see at music festivals. There is a good chance festivals have utilized luxury restrooms for several days at a time.

What Is A Luxury Portable Restroom?

Luxury Porta Potty Features

Here is a look at a list of luxury restroom features. These options are the reason why more and more people are choosing these models for upcoming events and activities:

  • One flush toilet (urinal for men)
  • Sink with fresh running water
  • Mirrors with vanity lighting
  • Ambient music
  • Hand towel and soap dispenser
  • Climate control (A/C and Heat)
  • Silk flower arrangements & rugs
  • Low-level outdoor lighting
  • Framed artwork
  • Occupancy indicator
  • Steps with rails
  • Spacious individual stalls

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Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Prices

Portable Restroom Trailers Prices

On average, portable restroom trailers prices average out at about $237.50 per weekend. Portable restroom trailer prices ranged from $100 to $375 per weekend for the US in 2019.

Standard Portable Restroom Trailer Rental (Non-Flushing)

A standard portable restroom trailer (non-flushing) will cost you about $137.50 per weekend; with average costs ranging from $100 to $175 per weekend. These types of restrooms are common for construction sites and sporting events.

Handicap Accessible Restroom Trailer Rental (Non-Flushing)

A handicap accessible restroom trailer rental will cost you about $200 per weekend; with costs ranging anywhere from $150 to $250 per weekend. These portable restrooms comply with ADA guidelines and are also great for parents helping younger children in the restroom.

Fresh-Water Restroom Trailer Rental (Flushing)

A flushing fresh-water restroom trailer rental costs about $262.50 per weekend; with costs ranging from $150 to $375 per weekend for the US in 2019. This estimate may or may not include a sink, but will come with a hand sanitizer pump. Flushing toilet restroom trailer rentals are popular for business events and weddings.

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental w/ Multiple Toilets (Flushing)

On average, luxury restroom trailer rental costs about $2,750 per weekend. A deluxe portable restroom trailer rental w/ multiple flushing toilets costs range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,500 per weekend. The overall cost will depend on the size you choose and how many stalls it has (2-8). These luxury portable restrooms are great for special events and weddings.

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