Porta Potty Rental Cost Near Me
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Porta Potty Rental Cost Near Me

If you are searching for “porta potty rental cost near me,” then this will serve as your pricing guide! A standard porta potty can start at $175 per weekend, while the luxury versions can cost as much as $450 per weekend. This post will go over average costs for standard, handicap accessible, construction, restroom trailer and luxury porta potties.

Porta Potty Types

Royal Restrooms, located in Scottsdale, AZ, currently offers multiple porta potty models, ideal for any large outdoor events. Festivals, weddings or construction projects call for a porta potty rental(s). Choose from several different versions to see which restroom best suits the needs of your guests and/or venue. Portable shower trailers are also available for rent.

There are several different porta potty types on the market, including the following options:

Standard Porta Potty Cost

A standard or single porta potty rental will cost around $85 per day or an average of $175 per weekend. Typical costs for these, the most popular porta potty models, will range from $100-$250 per weekend. Standard versions are perfect for any large outing, from a wedding to a construction project. This is the most affordable model on the market.

How Much Does Porta Potty Rental Cost

Handicap Accessible Restroom Cost

Handicap-accessible restrooms will cost a little more than standard versions, on average. These porta potties will range in price from $150-$300 per weekend, with an average cost of $225.

Construction Porta Potty Rental Cost

Construction porta potty rentals are available at affordable rates for a longer period of time. Currently, the average price for the rental is $150 per weekend. Prices range from $100-$500 for a monthly rental.

Portable Restroom Trailer Cost

A standard (non-flushing) portable restroom trailer will cost an average of $137.50 per weekend. Average costs will fluctuate between $150-$250 based on provider and location. Standard portable trailers are typically found on construction sites and at large festivals.

Luxury Restroom Cost

On average, the rental cost for a luxury porta potty is $300 per weekend, with prices ranging from $175-$450, according to VIP Restrooms. Luxury rentals do cost a lot more than standard versions, but these models are well worth the price. Luxury restrooms give a sense of style and comfort that other versions cannot offer. Toilets in these models will flush, and they come equipped with sinks, vanity mirrors and elegant lighting. Included in luxury versions are insulated walls, plus A/C and heat controls. Flooring styles can be customized, as well.

Other Porta Potty Rental Costs

  • Standard Porta Potty: $78
  • Deluxe Flushable Porta Potty: $165
  • Construction Porta Potty (Crane Hook, High Rise, or Rollable): $152
  • Towable (Trailer Mounted) Porta Potty: $131
  • 10 ft Portable Restroom Trailer: $688
  • 25 ft Portable Restroom Trailer: $1,690
  • ADA Compliant / Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty: $151
  • Environmentally Friendly Green Porta Potty: $78
  • Solar Porta Potty: $450

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