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Where to Dump Portable Toilet Waste

Where to Dump Portable Toilet Waste

Are you searching for “Where to Dump Portable Toilet Waste“? If so you have probably planning or have been out for a weekend of recreation and want to know how to properly dispose of waste. Protecting the environment, keeping recreational  areas clean, and being a responsible citizen are all high priorities. This article details the types of portable toilets and how the waste from them needs to be disposed of. A lot of popular destinations that are outdoors will attract a lot of visitors, and most of the impact of the surrounding natural resources. This can often times leave to a lot of human waste and other type of waste, which can pollute the environment and it may present a lot of health hazards. If left unchecked, these types of conditions could force land managers to begin to restrict access or to begin using regulations designed to protect the natural resources and even enhance public safety and health.

A public restroom isn’t always available, especially in remote areas. Visitors to some of the public lands could be required by law to have a portable toilet system for removing human waste. Portable toilets are familiar to many people such as backpackers, sea kayakers, river rafters, rock climbers, and others. Any person who visits public lands could help to improve their destinations by carrying and using a portable toilet system as part of a routine as part of an outdoor activities.

Portable toilets now in various designs which will work with various activities. With a little preparation and research, you can pick a toilet system that will work for your group size and activity.

Portable toilet types

A portable toilet system is normally considered on that is containerized and portable. Normally, it is best if it can be washed and reused. Additionally, most commercial products such as effective toilets can be improvised by using inexpensive materials that you can find at many sporting good or hardware stores.

These systems do consist of a sturdy, leak proof type of container with either a dry or liquid base material. The containers job is to enclose and then transport the waste until it can be disposed. Containers may be purchased either commercially or it can be improvised, and are normally made of plastic or metal. 5-gallon buckets that have gasket lids are a fairly common example. For more comfort, the containers need to be fitted with a specialized toilet seat for use, and a leak proof, sealing lid for transport.

The job of the base ingredient is to make waste disposal easier and reduce odor. A liquid based toilet will normally use a chemical treatment and water, and are compatible with an RV dump station for easy disposal and cleaning. Dry bases can use cat litter, potting soil, and other types of dry ingredients instead of a liquid and are often lighter and less likely to leak.

Whenever you begin to reduce bulk and weight is a priority, a single use bag isavailable that is a heavy duty ziplock bag that has a special powder inside. The powder turns into a gel on contact, helps to break down the waste and neutralizes odors. Most of these bags are approved for landfill disposal. Care will need to be taken with a bag system in order to prevent any small animals from ripping a hole in the bag, so having a good sturdy transport container is best. The light weight and small size of these bag systems which make them work for bicyclists, ATV riders, kayakers, Hikers, and others who need a small portable solution.

Waste disposal and toilet tips

It is important to remember that a toilet system will only be effective when used. Additionally, many will want to use it if it comfortable, and kept in a sanitary, clean condition. Toilet components need to be accessible and need to be placed in an area that gives privacy, at least 100 feet from any water. Keep toiletries such as toilet paper, baby wipes, disinfectant, sanitizer gel, and plastic bags in a waterproof bag or box. Only toilet paper and waste need to go in the toilet container. Feminine hygiene products and trash need to go in a different bag.

The improper disposal of toilet items can just make the problem worse. A portable toilet system needs to be disposed of in a proper manner, at a designated locations or areas made for that purpose like a dump station or a vault toilet. For any cleaning or waste disposal, consider having a box of supplies that you want on hand like bleach, bags, brushes, gloves, disinfectant, etc. Being able to plan ahead can make the job easier.

Portable toilet use has greatly reduced the impact to natural resources and campsites. Before you leave, see that you have done all that you can to minimize the traces of yourself during your visit and leave a clean slate for the next visitors.

Since the laws vary, be sure to check with your local agencies to find out what requirements there are for the area that you will be visiting. With a little bit of planning, and preparation, you can do your part in helping to keep your favorite spots clean and healthy, and ready for everyone else and for when you will want to return.

Order Portable Toilets in Arizona

If you have an event like a wedding, festival, or other large gathering in Arizona and want the toilet details and waste handled for you, Royal Restrooms is at your disposal. We deliver portable toilets to the area of your event which can include restrooms that are ADA compliant, have showers, and hand washing stations.  Every gathering of people includes the reality of having to consider the inevitable and natural visits to the restroom, plan ahead and consider the comfort of your visitors.  Call Royal Restrooms to talk about your event, how many people will be attending and find out what we can do for you. For quick connection please call 480-364-3898.



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